Lakota Corporation - Horse Trailer Living Quarter Conversions

Lakota Corporation - Horse Trailer Living Quarter Conversions
Lakota’s Dedication to Innovation Lakota’s team is comprised of people with decades of experience in the towable manufacturing industry. Many of our innovations originated in other segments of the towable recreational vehicle market, which requires the same precision and creativity to balance function with comfort. We have taken these values and built an all-aluminum horse trailer that is targeted to how the horse and owner really use the trailer. In the coming years you can expect to see innovative standards and optional features that you do not typically see in the horse trailer industry. Why? Common sense features that make your horse lifestyle more convenient are what Lakota strives to achieve. We have the quality dealers, suppliers and competencies to achieve more than most other horse trailer manufacturers. - Lakota’s living quarters and trailers are built under one roof – no converters necessary. This guarantees the best fit and finish throughout. - Lakota offers more Essential Standards, rather than expensive options, at a more affordable packaged price. Apples to apples, you will find Lakota to be the best in quality and value compared to the competition. - Lakota’s top quality aluminum horse trailers carry a single-source 7-Year structural warranty, as well as a 1-Year material warranty. - One of Lakota’s many standard trailer features are its sidewalls constructed of tubular aluminum - versus the C-Channel construction that many other manufacturers are using. This makes Lakota 33% stronger than the horse industry standard. - Lakota pays attention to detail, application and durability that is refreshing to the seasoned horse owner. - Lakota’s innovation means more practical solutions for trail riders and professionals. The HUT and Grande are great examples of how comfort can be achieved in smaller and larger models. What Lakota Means Native American hunters originated the name Lakota. We stand for everything that Lakota means: skill, stamina and integrity. Just as Lakota was then, we are now … a friend and ally that you can count on.

Lakota Corporation

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New2016GNHT41 Lakota Trailers 4H Pro Series 15'6" LQ w/ Slide Elizabethtown, KY$60,995.00
New2016GNST41 Lakota Trailers Livestock w/ Living Quatrers Elizabethtown, KY$49,995.00
New2016GNHT20 Lakota Trailers 2H Charger 9' LQ Elizabethtown, KY$31,995.00
New2016GNHT30 Lakota Trailers 3H Charger 9' LQ Elizabethtown, KY$33,995.00
New2017GNHT30 Lakota Trailers C8311 Des Moines, IA$48,995.00
New2018GNHT31 Lakota Trailers 3H Pro Series 15'6" LQ w/ Slide Elizabethtown, KY$57,995.00
New2018GNHT41 Lakota Trailers C8415 Des Moines, IA$69,999.00
New2018GNHT41 Lakota Trailers C8415 Rear Kitchen Bar Slide Seymour, IN$62,900.00
New2018GNHT41 Lakota Trailers C8415 Seymour, IN$64,900.00
New2018GNHT20 Lakota Trailers Colt AC29 Des Moines, IA$30,100.00
New2018GNHT30 Lakota Trailers AC311 Des Moines, IA$34,000.00
New2018GNST 1 Lakota Trailers LE81611 Des Moines, IA$52,000.00
Used2015GNHT36 Lakota Trailers BB8314 Shawnee, OK$57,500.00
Used2017GNHT21 Lakota Trailers Charger Gladewater, Texas$43,500.00
Used2008GNHT41 Lakota Trailers 15ft LQ !! Slide !! 4 Horse, 8' Wide, 15' LQ, Gene Grimsley, TN$35,900.00
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