Trailers For Sale: Kiefer Built Inc. - Horse Trailers and Livestock Trailers

These Kiefer Built brand living quarter horse trailers for sale include all ads placed for this manufacturer and may include private party listings and others.

Used1999GNHT30 Kiefer Built w/dressing room Pilot Point, TX$6,495.00
Used2002BPHT40 Kiefer Built dressing room Pilot Point, TX$6,995.00
Used2007GNHT30 Kiefer Built 3HSDR South Solon, OH$8,500.00
Used2003GNHT40 Kiefer Built 2003 Kiefer Built 4H slant GN W/ DR SKU 403944 Berrien Springs, MI$8,995.00
Used2003GNHT40 Kiefer Built Slant Load Ocala, FL$9,900.00
New2018BPHT20 Kiefer Built 2 Horse Slant Load BP Gainesville, Georgia$12,795.00
Used2003GNHT20 Kiefer Built 7204GN Newton, AL$12,995.00
Used1999GNHT40 Kiefer Built 9 Living Quarter Pilot Point, TX$14,900.00
Used2004GNHT30 Kiefer Built Genesis All Alum. 2+1 GN w/Dress 7'6"x7'2" Ruckersville, VA$15,995.00
Used2001GNHT30 Kiefer Built Living Quarter Ocala, FL$17,900.00
Used2004GNHT40 Kiefer Built Cherokee, KS$19,500.00
Used2005GNHT30 Kiefer Built Kiefer Genesis Grimsley, TN$19,900.00
Used2006GNHT30 Kiefer Built 3 Horse Trailer with 5' Short Wall Newton, AL$19,995.00
Used2010GNHT30 Kiefer Built Evolution 7309 Newton, AL$21,995.00
Used2016GNHT30 Kiefer Built Long Box 2+1 w/ RUMBER FLOOR Carrollton, VA$22,000.00
Used2008GNHT60 Kiefer Built Evolution Frederick , MD $22,900.00
Used2007GNHT30 Kiefer Built Genesis X-8063 Brush Prairie, Washington$25,500.00
Used2013GNHT40 Kiefer Built 7408LQ Newton, AL$27,995.00
Used2006GNHT30 Kiefer Built Genesis7312LQ Newton, AL$28,995.00
Used2006GNHT40 Kiefer Built Genisus Ocala, FL$29,900.00
Used2007n/aHT20 Kiefer Built 8122 Two Horse Living Quarters Seymour, IN$29,900.00
Used2004GNHT31 Kiefer Built 8312GMT Newton, AL$35,995.00
Used2007n/aHT30 Kiefer Built 8143 Slide Three Horse LQ Seymour, IN$37,900.00
Used2006GNHT41 Kiefer Built Genesis x-E 124 Union , Grove $38,500.00
Used2006GNHT40 Kiefer Built Genesis X174 Gold Coast Slide ATHENS, OH$39,995.00
Used2005GNHT31 Kiefer Built 8320LQ-SL North Jackson, OH$39,995.00
Used2013GNHT40 Kiefer Built 7.5411 North Jackson, OH$39,995.00
Used2007GNHT41 Kiefer Built Genesis 4 Horse 17 LQ Gainesville, Georgia$59,995.00
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