Trailers For Sale: Merhow Horse Trailers

These Merhow brand living quarter horse trailers for sale include all ads placed for this manufacturer and may include private party listings and others.

Used1998BPHT20 Merhow Warmblood Straight Load Ocala, FL$7,900.00
Used1999n/aHT60 Merhow Living Quarters Six Horse Slant Seymour, IN$9,995.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 2 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Manchester, ME$12,446.00
Used2001n/aHT30 Merhow 3H GN 6LQ Seymour, IN$12,900.00
New2018BPHT20 Merhow 7'6" Tall Grimsley, TN$13,900.00
New2019n/aHT20 Merhow Bronco Silver Lake, IN$13,999.00
New2018BPHT20 Merhow Straight Load Grimsley, TN$15,900.00
New2018BPHT20 Merhow Bronco 2 Horse warmblood STRAIGHT LOAD Kaufman, TX$15,974.00
New2019n/aHT20 Merhow Bronco Straight Load Warmblood Silver Lake, IN$16,750.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 2-Horse Slant Load Gooseneck Manchester, ME$17,437.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 2-Horse Straight Load Gooseneck Manchester, ME$18,044.00
Used1999GNHT 0 Merhow 8311 Sparta, MI$18,900.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 3 Horse Slant Gooseneck w/Rear Tack Manchester, ME$19,999.00
Used2004n/aHT40 Merhow Bunkbed LQ 4-H Silver Lake, IN$24,900.00
Used2003GNHT40 Merhow 8412LQ Newton, AL$27,995.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Next Gen Gooseneck 7200 2+1 Manchester, ME$28,536.00
Used2010GNHT30 Merhow Living Quarter Ocala, FL$29,900.00
Used2008GNHT31 Merhow 3H 12' LQ Slide, Fully Loaded! 8 Wide Colfax, NC$29,995.00
Used2002n/aHT40 Merhow 12' Living Quarters Four Horse Seymour, IN$31,900.00
Used2006GNHT31 Merhow Verylite 8312 Newton, AL$34,995.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 3H 7' FULL LQ! Hydraulic Jack Colfax, NC$36,995.00
New2019GNHT21 Merhow 9ft LQ !! Slide !! Insulated Horse Area !! Grimsley, TN$40,900.00
New2019GNHT41 Merhow 4H 9' LQ with SLIDE Fully LOADED!!! Colfax, NC$46,595.00
New2019GNHT31 Merhow 3H 9' LQ SLIDE, Hydraulic Jack , 7 Wide! Colfax, NC$48,995.00
New2019n/aHT20 Merhow 8209 Riser Wall Sofa Silver Lake, IN$53,875.00
New2018n/aHT00 Merhow 8311 Alumastar Next Generation Silver Lake, IN$54,900.00
New2019GNHT40 Merhow 4H Stock Combo, 9' Full LQ, Sliding Cut Gate Colfax, NC$54,995.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 3H 9' LQ in Ebony, Steps up to the bed area! Colfax, NC$54,995.00
Used2016n/aHT30 Merhow 8311 Rear Kitchen w/Bar Silver Lake, IN$55,000.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow Call For Best Price !! 11ft Lq !! Loaded !! Grimsley, TN$55,500.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 3H 9' FULL LQ, Insulated, Mangers, Escape Door Colfax, NC$55,500.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow 8311 RWS Next Gen 3 Horse Living Quarters Manchester, ME$56,531.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 8311RW RS LQ Galt, CA$59,999.00
New2019GNHT31 Merhow Hayrack !! Slide !! Loaded !! Grimsley, TN$61,500.00
New2018n/aHT00 Merhow Next Generation Living Quarters 8311 Silver Lake, IN$61,800.00
New2019n/aHT30 Merhow 8311 Rear Kitchen W/Bar Silver Lake, IN$63,500.00
New2019GNHT40 Merhow 4H Model# 8411 RISER WALL Who needs a Slide? Colfax, NC$63,995.00
New2019GNHT31 Merhow 3H 13.5 LQ, SLIDE! Dinette AND Couch! Colfax, NC$66,500.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow 8314 ST-Wall Next Gen 3-Horse Gooseneck w/Living Q Manchester, ME$66,999.00
New2019GNHT31 Merhow OUR PRICES WON'T BE BEAT !! 16FT LQ !! LOADED Grimsley, TN$68,500.00
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