Trailers For Sale: Merhow Horse Trailers

These Merhow brand living quarter horse trailers for sale include all ads placed for this manufacturer and may include private party listings and others.

Used1987GNHT20 Merhow 2 Horse Straight Load GN Hockley, TX$1,895.00
Used1999GNHT40 Merhow Slant Load Ocala, FL$6,900.00
Used1999GNHT40 Merhow Slant Load 7'6" Tall Ocala, FL$6,900.00
Used1998BPHT20 Merhow Warmblood Straight Load Ocala, FL$7,900.00
Used1998GNHT20 Merhow 2HSLGN Newton, AL$7,995.00
Used1999n/aHT60 Merhow Living Quarters Six Horse Slant Seymour, IN$9,995.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 2 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Manchester, ME$12,446.00
Used2001n/aHT30 Merhow 3H GN 6LQ Seymour, IN$12,900.00
New2018BPHT20 Merhow 7'6" Tall Grimsley, TN$13,400.00
New2019n/aHT20 Merhow Bronco Silver Lake, IN$13,475.00
New2018BPHT20 Merhow Straight Load Grimsley, TN$15,900.00
Used1994GNHT30 Merhow 8312MT Sparta, MI$15,900.00
New2018BPHT20 Merhow Bronco 2 Horse warmblood STRAIGHT LOAD Kaufman, TX$15,974.00
New2019n/aHT30 Merhow Bronco 3-H Bumper Pull Silver Lake, IN$16,440.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 2-Horse Slant Load Gooseneck Manchester, ME$17,437.00
Used1999GNHT30 Merhow 8311 Sparta, MI$17,900.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 2-Horse Straight Load Gooseneck Manchester, ME$18,044.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow Bronco 3 Horse Slant Gooseneck w/Rear Tack Manchester, ME$19,999.00
Used2003GNHT30 Merhow 3 Horse Mid Tack Sparta, MI$21,900.00
Used2003GNHT40 Merhow 8412LQ Newton, AL$27,995.00
Used2005GNHT40 Merhow 4 Horse 10’ Living Quarters Trailer Ocala, FL$27,999.00
Used2005GNHT40 Merhow 7410SL North Jackson, OH$28,995.00
Used2010GNHT30 Merhow Living Quarter Ocala, FL$29,900.00
Used2002n/aHT40 Merhow 12' Living Quarters Four Horse Seymour, IN$31,900.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 3H 7' FULL LQ! Hydraulic Jack Colfax, NC$39,500.00
New2019GNHT21 Merhow 9ft LQ !! Slide !! Insulated Horse Area !! Grimsley, TN$40,900.00
New2019GNHT41 Merhow 4H 9' LQ with SLIDE Fully LOADED!!! Colfax, NC$46,595.00
New2019GNHT31 Merhow 3H 9' LQ, Slide & Dinette, Great Layout! Colfax, NC$47,995.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow 8311 RWS Next Gen 3 Horse Living Quarters Manchester, ME$49,999.00
New2019n/aHT20 Merhow 8209 Riser Wall Sofa Silver Lake, IN$52,200.00
Used2016GNHT30 Merhow 8310RK North Jackson, OH$54,995.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 3H 9' LQ in Ebony, Steps up to the bed area! Colfax, NC$54,995.00
Used2016n/aHT30 Merhow 8311 Rear Kitchen w/Bar Silver Lake, IN$55,000.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow Call For Best Price !! 11ft Lq !! Loaded !! Grimsley, TN$55,500.00
New2018n/aHT00 Merhow Next Generation Living Quarters 8311 Silver Lake, IN$58,200.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 8311RW RS LQ - SALE! Galt, CA$58,500.00
New2018n/an/a00 Merhow 8314 ST-Wall Next Gen 3-Horse Gooseneck w/Living Q Manchester, ME$59,999.00
New2019n/aHT30 Merhow 8311 Rear Kitchen W/Bar Silver Lake, IN$61,200.00
New2019GNHT31 Merhow Hayrack !! Slide !! Loaded !! Grimsley, TN$61,500.00
New2019GNHT30 Merhow 3H 12.5' LQ Huge first stall/mid tack/ side ramps! Colfax, NC$61,500.00
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