Goodrich Trailer Sales

Interstate 94 Exit 52
Elk Mound, WI 54739

Phone: 800-831-4916 or 715-879-4916
Fax: 715-879-4922
Goodrich Trailer Sales is a full service dealership featuring Platinum Coach, Adam, Kiefer Built and Delta horse trailers with and without living quarters. We also inventory Sportchassis Trucks. Custom trailers are our specialty! Financing available with approved credit. Ask about our naitonwide delivery.

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New2018GNHT40 SMC Trailers Laramie 8410 Elk Mound, WI$48,999.00
New2018GNHT40 Lakota Trailers Charger 8413 New Floor Plan! Elk Mound, WI$53,999.00
New2018GNHT40 SMC Trailers Yukon 84106 Elk Mound, WI$54,995.00
New2018BPHT20 Shadow Trailer Stable Mate Straight Load Elk Mound, WI$12,499.00
New2018BPHT30 Shadow Trailer Stablemate 3 Horse Elk Mound, WI$13,995.00
New2018BPHT20 Shadow Trailer Stablemate Elk Mound, WI$10,995.00
New2018BPHT20 Shadow Trailer Stablemate 2 Horse Elk Mound, WI$11,995.00
New2018BPHT30 Shadow Trailer Stablemate Elk Mound, WI$14,495.00
New2018BPHT20 Shadow Trailer Stablemate Horse Trailer Elk Mound, WI$12,495.00
New2018GNHT40 Lakota Trailers Charger 8411 Elk Mound, WI$50,995.00
New2019GNHT40 SMC Trailers Laramie 8413 Elk Mound, WI$61,995.00
New2018GNHT31 Shadow Trailer Getaway Elk Mound, WI$39,495.00
New2018GNHT30 SMC Trailers Yukon 8310 Elk Mound, WI$52,995.00
Used2016BPHT20 Titan Trailer Straight Load Elk Mound, WI$8,995.00
New2019GNHT30 SMC Trailers Laramie 8310 Elk Mound, WI$48,995.00
New2019GNHT31 SMC Trailers Laramie 8315 w/Slide Elk Mound, WI$62,995.00
New2019GNHT41 SMC Trailers Laramie 8417 w/12' Slide Elk Mound, WI$74,995.00
New2019GNHT30 SMC Trailers Laramie 839 Elk Mound, WI$47,495.00
New2019GNHT30 SMC Trailers Laramie 8310 Elk Mound, WI$49,995.00
New2019GNHT40 SMC Trailers Laramie 8412 Elk Mound, WI$59,995.00
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