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3831 Happy Bend Road
Atkins, AR 72823, AR 72823

Phone: (501) 354-3315

Largest Selection of the best brands! Price Match Guarantee, Easy Financing & Nationwide Delivery with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

The P&P Difference
P&P Trailer Sales is a premier nationwide trailer dealer located in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our goal is to make trailer shopping a quick and easy process no matter where you are located. We accomplish this with our Best Price Guarantee, knowledgeable staff and quality trailers with the features you need.

There is nothing hidden. We will make sure you know what features and options are most popular. Don’t be disappointed by options on the trailer you purchase, know before you buy. Our trailers are ordered and stocked with the user in mind. Our premier trailers are loaded with ducted A/C, upgraded axles, double air conditioners on larger living quarters and more. Bring our competitors price and listing to our experienced staff and we’ll be happy to review option by option with you to help you make the best decision. Read more below on our best price guarantee.
We use our trailers; we know there are little things that make a big difference to make you and your horses comfortable going down the road.

Many of our employees from service to sales are using trailers in the industry every day. Along with over 25 years of experience, we can answer any question to help you with your decision. Give us a call to discuss what you use your trailer for and we can help find the one that suits you and your family.

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New2019BPDT00 Big Tex Trailers 16LX 14 Atkins, AR 72823, AR$9,995.00
New2019GNHT41 SMC Trailers SL8413SSRRSL Atkins, AR 72823, AR$88,000.00
New2019GNHT40 Platinum Coach 8413OLPL Atkins, AR 72823, AR$87,995.00
New2019GNHT41 Lakota Trailers Bighorn BH8417T Atkins, AR 72823, AR$104,995.00
New2019BPUT00 Big Tex Trailers 16ET 17+3 Atkins, AR 72823, AR$6,995.00
Used2015GNST00 CM Trailers CMS9440-20 Atkins, AR 72823, AR$8,495.00
New2021BPn/a00 Big Tex Trailers 14PI-20BK Atkins, AR 72823, AR$4,595.00
New2021GNHT31 Lakota Trailers AC8311 Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021BPn/a00 Big Tex Trailers 70PI-14XBK4RG Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021BPUT00 Big Tex Trailers 16TL 22 Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
Used2004GNHT40 Integrity Trailers 8408LQ Atkins, AR 72823, AR$23,995.00
New2019GNHT41 SMC Trailers SL8413SSR Atkins, AR 72823, AR$79,995.00
New2021GNHT30 SMC Trailers SLX6FK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT31 SMC Trailers SLX8FK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT31 SMC Trailers SLX10RK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT31 SMC Trailers SLX11SRK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT31 SMC Trailers SL8X8FK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT31 SMC Trailers SL8X9SR LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT30 SMC Trailers SL8X10FK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
New2021GNHT31 SMC Trailers SL8X11SFK LARAMIE Atkins, AR 72823, AR$0.00
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