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4212 Red Bluff
Pasadena, TX 77053

Phone: 713-920-1000
Fax: 713-920-1189

Get a Great Deal on a Trailer Today.

We will beat any deal on a new Cimarron, Bison, Bloomer, Sundowner, WW Trailers, or CM Trailer. Call now for details.

We are slashing prices on new and used inventory.

Financing Available.

Visit Both Location's Inventory at www.pandpsales.com

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New2014BPCE00 Carry-On Trailer Corp Pasadena, TX$5,995.00
New2014BPn/a00 other P&P Pasadena, TX$2,495.00
New2014BPn/a00 other P&P Pasadena, TX$2,195.00
New2014BPUT00 other P&P Pasadena, TX$2,995.00
New2014GNHT31 Bison Trailer Pasadena, TX$56,995.00
New2014BPCE00 Carry-On Trailer Corp Pasadena, TX$4,995.00
New2014n/aST00 WW Trailers Pasadena, TX$4,695.00
New2014BPCE00 Carry-On Trailer Corp Pasadena, TX$4,695.00
New2014GNHT30 Bison Trailer Pasadena, TX$29,900.00
New2014GNHT00 Bison Trailer Pasadena, TX$21,900.00
New2014GNHT30 Bison Trailer Pasadena, TX$31,900.00
New2014GNST00 WW Trailers Pasadena, TX$7,295.00
New2013BPCE00 Carry-On Trailer Corp Pasadena, TX$4,595.00
New2014GNST00 other Gooseneck Trailers Pasadena, TX$10,595.00
New2014GNST00 WW Trailers Pasadena, TX$7,495.00
New2014BPn/a00 other P&P Pasadena, TX$2,995.00
New2014GNHT41 Cimarron Trailers Norstar Pasadena, TX$190,000.00
New2013GNHT40 Cimarron Trailers Pasadena, TX$67,900.00
New2014BPCE00 Carry-On Trailer Corp Pasadena, TX$2,495.00
New2014GNUT00 other P&P Pasadena, TX$5,995.00
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