The Trailer Specialist

24155 Hwy 99
Acampo, CA 95220

Phone: 209-334-9600
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Established in 1988, The Trailer Specialist Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business even to this day. Currently running the company today, Wyatt and Carol Gibbs believe trailers have always been a way of life, a necessity to continue their day to day activities. “We live this life.

The family relies heavily on their trailers, for everything from hauling their children’s horses to rodeos and team roping’s, to taking their dirt bikes and ATV’s out for a fun weekend. At the Gibbs household, there is always something that needs to be done that requires a trailer. At Trailer Specialist, customers can rest assured that this family will have their best trailer interest in mind.

Both in servicing and selling trailers, who better to serve the public than a consumer of the products they’re selling? At the Trailer Specialist, each trailer is repaired precisely to perfection just as Wyatt and Carol Gibbs would expect their trailers to be.

This family based company knows first-hand what their clients are looking for and expecting when in search of a new trailer. That’s why the Gibbs make it their goal to accomplish every expectation to the fullest. Even when hiring employees to be a part of their team, the Gibbs choose experts who will have the knowledge and desire to serve each customer’s needs to the best of their ability.


At Trailer Specialist Inc. the customer comes first.

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New2017GNHT40 Hart Horse Trailers Tradition Horse Trailer Acampo, CA $36,795.00
New2019GNST00 Logan Coach 18 ft Stockman Acampo, CA $19,395.00
New2019GNST00 Logan Coach Stockman 16 foot GN Acampo, CA $18,495.00
New2019GNST00 Logan Coach Limited Stockcombo 16 812 S/O Living Quarters Acampo, CA $60,500.00
New2019GNST00 Logan Coach 16 Limited Stockcombo LQ Acampo, CA $68,500.00
New2020GNST00 Logan Coach 20 ft Stockman Acampo, CA $20,775.00
New2020GNST00 Logan Coach 20ft Stock Combo Acampo, CA $26,950.00
New2020GNHT40 Hart Horse Trailers 4H Solution GN Acampo, CA $39,500.00
New2021GNHT31 Lakota Trailers C39 Acampo, CA $51,500.00
New2020GNHT30 Logan Coach 3H Riot GN Acampo, CA $35,979.00
New2020GNHT30 Logan Coach 3H Edge GN Acampo, CA $37,395.00
New2020GNST00 Logan Coach 18' Stock combo Acampo, CA $25,295.00
New2021GNHT40 Lakota Trailers C8413SR Acampo, CA $76,500.00
New2020BPHT20 Logan Coach 2 Horse Bullseye Acampo, CA $16,695.00
New2021BPHT20 Logan Coach 2H Riot BP Acampo, CA $19,995.00
New2021GNHT30 Logan Coach Riot 2+1H GN Acampo, CA $40,995.00
New2021GNHT20 Logan Coach Riot 2H GN Acampo, CA $24,295.00
Used2018GNHT41 Lakota Trailers 4H CHARGER LQ Acampo, CA $85,995.00
Used2014GNHT30 Lakota Trailers 3H CHARGER LQ Acampo, CA $57,000.00
Used2014GNHT41 Lakota Trailers 4H Bighorn LQ Acampo, CA $55,995.00
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