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SportChassis Trucks by Freightliner Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

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The RHA114 by SportChassis is the most versatile heavy-duty truck on the road today. Engineered for comfort on the inside and a multitude of purposes on the outside, there is almost nothing you cannot do. Pulling any sort of large trailer, horse, RV, cargo, or boat can be challenging. Lots of companies talk about how their truck can pull your trailer down the road, but our question is can they stop you? For us it comes down to mass, if what you're pulling is a lot heavier than what you're pulling it with, then you have a potential problem. Whether you’re hauling across town or across the country, the RHA114 has the power you need and the safety and comfort you deserve to get the job done. The journey begins at the beginning. Designed on the Freightliner M2 106 and M2 112 chassis; SportChassis' origins are in a commercial quality foundation. Though SportChassis resemble an 'over the road' truck, they are not a classs 8 vehicle. Think of them as the baby brother keeping the best of both worlds. The M2 chassis from Freightliner is designed for heavy-duty towing capacity mile after mile. Their philosophy and ours are simple, start with the best and you can only go up. You can visit the chassis section of our website for far more detailed information, but suffice it to say, when you're towing with a SportChassis you're pulling your trailer using the frame rails, not the body. This ensures that the structural integrity of the body remains sound even after hundreds of trips and hundreds of thousands of miles. Each of the R-series trucks features a patented hauler style bed designed to be just as rugged as you are. Using our industry experience building emergency rescue vehicles and ambulances, we apply the same design priciples and construction materials and techniques that perform under the most rugged conditions and tests. The hauler bed design is completely fabricated from scratch in our 293,000 square foot facility. Utilizing CNC precision routers, patented rail designs and materials, our team of talented men and women create a truly remarkable and long-lasting product.

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